Almost Bought Her A Ring, My First and Last Love

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Love is such a tricky thing and I have learned my share of lessons.  When I first fell in love I was so excited, I loved the feeling and it made me go crazy inside that I wanted to jump around, and I am a very energetic person, so that is way too much.  Way before Beyoncé came out with “Single Ladies” “Put A Ring On It” , I wanted to lock down the person I fell in love with.  I believe in marriage and creating a happy loving family.

My first and last love left me so vulnerable that at a point I was keeping my eyes on the ring I would give to them.  Let me just say before you get confused, my first love is a separate girl from my last love.  Actually they are years apart from each other in my life.  My first love was from my first year in high school and further and my last love was last my relationship of an allotted amount of time after my college years.

My First Love
My first love is very special to me.  As they say you never forget your first.  We had a unique bond and a certain way we built with things.  Just talking with her and how we reacted to each other was unlike most of what I seeing from others.  I thought it could have went the distance.  So in my mind I was thinking some crazy things like getting married after high school based on how long we would last.  But over time things happen and the happy times become bumpy and we have to make certain decisions.  Though we split, even we made it a bit longer, I already had, ring, marriage and family in mind.  I know I was pretty young, but I am pretty precise in my wants and needs in life.

My Last Love
I would have to say my last love was my most intimate of all.  I learned quite a great deal and how my actions are viewed.  Being a guy who never had nothing, no one to help me progress as a person, I had to suck up all that sadness and struggle to make my way into this world, in which I can’t reject via it made me, me.  I think those mostly was my deal breaker among other things that broke down my last love.  When in a relationship with her, it was like so cosmic in how we complimented each other talents.  it was so much love, and potential to greatness in there.  But time changes things, and time was not there, lack of timing to make it to that spot.  I had the ring picked out and ready to make a grand gesture.  It was right there, but responsibilities and priorities to one’s goals came in the way.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I look at it, I could have been a married man.  I could be making happy memories.  I could have been that guy on one knee.  I think that is so freaking awesome.  So when I see others in great relationships, I just hope for the day I see them make that leap.  When I see people in marriages that was built upon a rock, it makes me feel so proud to be aiming towards that and that couple is making it work.  For all the failure marriages, I don’t even look at those to curb my thoughts on a happy marriage, I feel they just didn’t have it or even took the time to claim the legacy and to death to us part factor of love and a great bond.

So in conclusion, time beats all, and over time you learn, experience and create a special bond that won’t be broken.  It could happen before there is a relationship, before marriage, that have that blessing of success.  Time is love, and love is time.  Over time we can love and know how to love pass anything that tries to interfere.  I want that love.  So until then, there is only the times I almost bought a ring to put on her finger.

What do you think on my post?  Have you ever wanted someone to buy you that ring or buy someone a ring?  Do you believe in marriage?

I know I went a little personal in this post, but honest feelings create real emotion and a great post.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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Rose et amour....rosa y amor ....rose d'amour ...

Can she see me?
I think I am exposed,
I surprised her with a bouquet of roses?
As I hide in the shadows,
I am kind of shy,
I can see her in delight as she smiles,
Disguised I thought I was in distance,
She undressed herself,
My eyes open wide at the sight of her existence,
Should I say Hi and stay in hiding,
She walks away slowly,
What a timing,
My heart beats faster,
My mind starts to wonder,
She looks behind,
As if she is taunting me,
I wonder,
Should I step into the light,
And make myself exposed,
I was anticipating her every move,
My wife,
I bravely stepped into the light,
I also unclothed,
Our Love Both Exposed.

- Richardo

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

What did you think of the poem?

Reasons men won’t marry women

Reasons men won’t marry women.

She don’t know how to cook…
She don’t know how to clean…
She is not the smartest cookie in the jar…
She is too ghetto…
She is loose for me…
She is too possessive…
She is too materialistic…
She is too smart…
She is too fat…
She is too emotional…
She is too lazy…
She talks to much…
She doesn’t like sex…
She is too short…
She is way too loud…
She is too friendly…
She is too jealous…
She has no job…
She is ugly…
She lies…
She has no money…
She don’t know how to love…
It’s going to cost me (taxation)…


Do you really know the reason why he won’t marry you ladies?

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What the hell is an open-relationship?

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Ever since I seen this option on Facebook and people using it I was confused.  What the hell is an open-relationship?  What does it even mean.  It actually to me makes absolutely makes no sense.  I think we as people are so obsess with labels and titles.  I guess out of trying to find a definition and meaning of something, out comes names and stupidity.  To me, it’s either you are in a relationship or out of one.  When has there been a word for a translational move from a relationship into a no so relationship?

According to Wikipedia, an open-relationship definition is: “An open relationship is a relationship in which the people involved agree that they want to be together, but in which romantic or sexual relationships with additional people are accepted, permitted or tolerated. To large degree this is a generalization of the concept of open marriage beyond matrimonial relationships.” -

But in the end does this even really makes sense?  Have you ever or have a friend be in an open-relationship and see it at work?  Is there rules?

Thanks for reading

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these makes me happy

here are a few things that makes me happy.

Mother and Child



Mother and Baby

Mother and Baby


cute bunnies

cute bunnies






What are a few things that makes you happy?

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Need Me A Sexy SCOPRIO, PISCES, or VIRGO in My Life

Scorpio Symbol

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I am going to meet me a sexy Scoprio, Pisces or Virgo to match my Cancer astrological sign as a great match as a nice girlfriend or date of whatever it may be. I usually don’t believe in the sign matches, but records have show that they do make sense when I reflect on my past relationships on what worked and what didn’t work well. But a key element and I believe one number thing to make perfect or just as good match for me is, the girl has to understanding allow me to be my creative self. That’s a big deal breaker.  I feel most people in relationships don’t dive deep down and love the inner beauty of person, instead of what they first see, or assume the person is about.  You can say I am multi-layered, and peel quite easily, but other from the great relationships I had before, the people I meet now don’t dive deep, they see, and believe there is something that needs to change.  I change for no one, as much as if I find a great girl and love all the things about her, why would I want to change that?  That’s just stupid.

Anyways, let’s see what the future holds for me.

Do you believe in matching up with a compatible sign for love and etc.? Do you try to change the person you love after the fact or falling in love with their present state, or did you fall in love in what they could be?

Thanks for reading