The Dream Life and Happiness

the dream kife and happiness  - underestirayted photography - rawmultimedia

the dream life and happiness

Photography by: _estiRAYted

“When love finds you, accept it and be loved.  Feel like a little kid again.”

Richardo Wilson
“Live Life Unscripted”

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The Head Office

head office - underestirayted photography - rawmultimedia

Photography by: _estiRAYted

“To stay in power you must know how to lead and how to follow, but just remember who is in charge in the end, for there is always a decision to be made and a result to be obtained”

Richardo Wilson
“Live Life Unscripted”

A Photographer’s Grunge

photographer grunge - underestirayted photography - rawmultimedia

Photography by: _estiRAYted

“When they envy it’s because they dislike the fact that you know who you are.”
“Know thy self”

Richardo Wilson
“Live Life Unscripted”



When chaos is near, who is it your should fear? everyone? For your may never knows who is who at that point…

Originally posted on Free Verse, Poetry, & Humor in bite size pieces...:


chaos madness

Raving mad,
Crazy insane,
Willing to do anything,
Off to the top of my brain,
Massacre, Crying,
Screaming and Shouting,
The tally of bodies going up,
But who is doing the counting,
It’s me,
Jixi I am laying them down to rest,
It may not be their funerals,
But they have on their sunday’s best,
I didn’t really want to do it,
But I really had no choice,
The world is my competition,
So I had to make some noise.



Jixi Fox

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